I have tremendous respect for people who make the difficult decision to enter into psychotherapy. As a licensed psychologist in Bethesda, Maryland, I work collaboratively with older children, adolescents, and adults, in individual, couples, and family therapy to guide this process. My goal is to explore together the troubles that have led you to seek psychological treatment at this time.

Don’t let the hopelessness you feel get in the way of living the life that you desire. With help, support and the right approach, you can improve your mood, engage in healthy and meaningful relationships and cope with stressors in productive ways.

While you or your teenager may feel overwhelmed by anxiety right now, it is possible to live a calm and rewarding life. Anxiety treatment can teach you the tools and tips you need to mitigate your distress and live each day with confidence.

There is always hope to learn and grow in your current or new relationships in order to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Through relationship counseling, you can learn more about yourself and apply effective strategies to build and maintain a loving relationship with your partner.