Are You Feeling Unsatisfied Or Unlucky In Love?

Do you seem to struggle in intimate relationships? Perhaps you have trouble finding a partner. Or maybe you worry that you will never find a mate with whom you will love forever. Have your past romantic relationships left you feeling hopeless and heartbroken? Do you feel like you are doing something wrong that causes your relationships to crumble? Do you wish you could start and maintain a relationship in which there are mutual and satisfying feelings of love, respect and connection?

Or maybe you are currently in an unhappy relationship. Do you and your partner struggle to communicate because of built up tension or a difference in values or opinions? Do you often feel lonely, even when you are with your partner? Perhaps you wonder if it’s possible for you and your partner to reconnect and love each other like you once did. If you and your partner have children, maybe you worry that ongoing conflict is harming your child’s development. Do you wish you and your partner could both feel understood and secure in your relationship?

Whether you have trouble finding a positive romantic relationship or your current relationship is deteriorating, you may feel dissatisfied and isolated. If you feel like you cannot find love, you may be hyperaware of others asking you if you have met anyone recently. You may also observe your friends and family members’ loving relationships and wonder why you have not found the right person for you. On the other hand, you may have found what you believed to be a good relationship, but now you and your partner are arguing on a daily basis. If you are in an LGBTQ relationship, you and your partner may be under additional stress because of a lack of support or acceptance in your community.

I was recently featured on a local television show about The Psychology of Dating.  The video below provides a sample as to how I think about and work with relationship issues.


Finding And Maintaining Healthy Relationships Is A Common Problem

Our culture often dictates that something is wrong with you if you cannot find a partner or stay on positive terms with your current partner. The truth is, all relationships are unique. They all face obstacles, some of which lead to break-ups or divorce. Not having the perfect relationship is actually quite common. In fact, uncontrollable circumstances, such as an individual’s childhood upbringing, can contribute to many relationship issues.

In addition, if you are in an LGBTQ relationship, you and your partner may feel judged by your family, friends, coworkers or community because your relationship does not fit the societal norm. Ultimately, this extra tension can quickly drive a wedge between you and your partner.

The good news is that no matter what your relationship status or problem is, relationship counseling can help you reach a deeper understanding of your history and patterns. With help, support and a little self-exploration, it’s possible to reconnect with your current partner or develop a healthy relationship with a new love interest.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You Build And Fortify A Meaningful Bond

During understanding, compassionate and individualized relationship counseling sessions, you and I will work together to unravel your relationship history and interpret how it has shaped your current life. If you have trouble maintaining relationships, I can help you understand your different patterns of relating to others and how your patterns might be causing stress and issues in your relationships. In an encouraging and safe environment, you can learn that you only have control over yourself, and that you can utilize what is in your power to optimize your future relationships.

If you and your partner are drifting apart, we can work collaboratively in couples counseling sessions to understand both of your patterns and histories. I will respectfully listen to each of you and make suggestions about how you can each change some of the ingrained habits that may be negatively affecting the communication in your relationship. You and your partner can test out different communication strategies at home, such as how to argue productively. Then, in our next relationship counseling session, we will reflect on these changes to see which strategies best suit your needs.

In addition, if you are a part of the LGBTQ community and are experiencing relationship issues, I am here to help and support you as an ally. Whether you are struggling with your own personal identity or you want to strengthen your bond with your partner, LGBTQ relationship counseling is a safe space where you can address your relationship concerns and feel empowered to sustain a meaningful connection with your partner.

For more than a decade, I have helped couples and individuals overcome their relationship struggles. My experience extends to a variety of therapy settings – from psychiatric inpatient settings to community mental health centers to the private practice arena – where I have  treated individuals and couples with a variety of ailments.

While you may feel helpless and alone with your relationship issues, there is always hope to learn and grow in your current or new relationships in order to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Through relationship counseling, you can learn more about yourself and apply effective strategies to build and maintain a loving relationship with your partner.

Perhaps you are interested in relationship counseling, but still have a few questions and concerns…

My partner and I are not married yet. Is it too early to seek relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling can be helpful at any stage of your relationship. You may also be wondering if it is a bad sign that you and your partner want counseling so early in your relationship. The truth is that relationships are very complicated and many loving couples face overwhelming obstacles. It’s very possible that you and your partner’s histories are getting in the way of your relationship’s development. During our sessions, we can take an in-depth look at what is blocking you and your partner from connecting and communicating. By addressing your concerns early, you and your partner have a better chance at maintaining a loving and resilient relationship.

I think my relationship is beyond repair.

Most struggling couples can rediscover the love in their relationships. While you and your partner may have attempted many methods to improve your relationship, chances are you have not worked with a professional who fits your needs. If you and your partner connect well with me and put in the effort during relationship counseling sessions, you both can learn a lot about yourselves and each other. Together, we can work through your problems so your relationship can transform, grow and prosper.

I am worried I will be judged by others for seeking relationship counseling.

Our sessions are completely confidential. Whether you want to attend relationship counseling alone or with a partner, I always prioritize your privacy. That said, therapy is not only for the mentally ill or the chronically dysfunctional. Most of your friends and family realize this and if you do tell them that you have decided to take the courageous step to improve your romantic and personal life, it’s likely they will admire you. Your decision to seek relationship counseling can also take an enormous weight off of your shoulders and, ultimately, benefit many other areas of your life.

Find The Spark To Ignite A Resilient Relationship

If you are ready to discover what is holding you back from your ideal relationship, I may be able to help. Please call me today at 202-340-3612 or send me an email at to discuss your needs and learn more about how relationship counseling can help you. My office is conveniently located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. I am easily accessible from I-495 and I-270, as well as from the Bethesda Metro.